Do you still
tolerate your

OR are you grateful
for your fear?

How can I emphasize
this enough!

If you want to really
experience life
you must have fun
with your fear,
you must see
and feel your fear
as something
that adds juice,
and verve
to your life,
you must
give up the notion
that a life
without fear
might hold
any attraction
for you at all.

When I asked a
client about her
recent choices
of courage,
she told me that,
if the risk did
not seem too big,
she would go for it.

“Do you tolerate
the fear
that confronts you
do you feel
for that fear,”
I asked.

“I tolerate it,”
she replied.

“This is why
choices of ‘courage’
are still difficult
for you,”
I said.
“You still resist
your fear.”
“Your fear
is not perceived
as a source
of energy
and excitement.”

“The notion
that still runs you
is that SOMEHOW
you can have
the life you want
by avoiding
and minimizing
your fear.”

Don't bulldoze
through your fear.

Don't see it
as some "price"
you have to pay
to get
what you want.

Treat your fear
as a gem.

Breathe into it.

Tap its energy.

Unleash its

Honor yourself
for your capacity
to do this.

Above all,
create gratitude
for your fear.

This is a new habit.

This is a new attitude.

Step by step.

Keep at it.

But as you make
with your fear,
your fear will
make friends with
and together
you will fly!

And the difficulty
that was
your life before
will seem as
to have never

Welcome to life!

Copyright © 1991-2005 Dwight GoldWinde. All rights reserved.