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What will this book do for you? 

  This book will simplify your life. What you previously saw and felt as difficult or impossible problems and issues will start to become easy and straight-forward. 

  This book will show how every problem, every issue is, at base, either caused by or exacerbated by our automatic resistance to fear. As such, you will begin to see how the dissolution of these problems and issues is always at your fingertips with the choice of courage (courage is not something you have or don't have; it's something you can always choose in the moment).

  This book will serve as your daily reference and "formula" guide for instantly addressing problems and issues as they arise or as you become aware of them.

  This book, when read and re-read, can mark a dramatic transition point of power and self-expression in your life.

  This book is fun. Start to play with your fear. Enjoy the essays, the illustrations, and the quotations.

  This book is a workbook. Use the note lines to make your comments, questions, and observations.


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