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Courage: The View from Many Windows

What Value will You Get from this Section on Courage?

   The essays in this section examine in detail, and from many angles, what courage is and what courage is not. Once you have digested the basic ideas from these essays, you will find yourself easily distinguishing both when you choose courage and when you don’t choose courage.
    You will discover how courage is
always a choice. It is never something that you “have” or “don’t have.” (This is both good news and bad news.)
     You will grasp that courage is
independent of the results. (If the results were guaranteed, it wouldn’t be called “courage.”) 
     You’ll also understand that courage may be dangerous. But it’s the
safest thing you’ve got. 
     Furthermore, you’ll become clear how
courage is the one “virtue” that underlies all other true virtues. 
     Very importantly, you’ll see that courage is not simply taking an action that you’re afraid of taking; it also includes aligning with the energies of your fear and honoring yourself for choosing courage. 
Perhaps surprisingly, when you choose courage (including aligning with the energy of your fear and honoring yourself for that choice), you will learn that
choosing courage is amazingly easy.
     As with everything else in life, the
step-by-step approach makes a critical difference; when you apply it to choosing courage, you can build monuments out of molehills. 
     You’ll learn about the power of the 5Cs:
Choosing Courage, Creativity, Curiosity, and Context.
Opportunities for courage (OFCs) will start to appear in numbers, places, and circumstances that will astound you.
     You’ll also see how
it is never fear that stops you; it is only your resistance to fear that stops you.

     Specifically, you will understand the
five types of fear.
     You’ll develop special insight into
Paper-Tiger Fears and Hidden Fears.
     Interestingly, you’ll even begin to understand the benefits we derive by
not choosing courage.

     Finally, and of paramount importance, you’ll appreciate how
fear need not be your enemy; it can be your strongest ally.

     Refer back to the definition of “courage” on the first page of this book as needed. Every idea that I share with you in this book depends upon your complete understanding of this definition.



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What will this book do for you?