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Table of Contents

- Abridged Version -


  This Table of Contents has two versions. First the abridged version gives a quick overview of the book. On page 673, near the back of this book, is the unabridged version that doubles, in some ways, as an index. An asterisk* is used to indicate that a web site link is provided for further non-essential reading.

Courage Definition (1)—Courage Around the World (3)—Dedication (4)—Table of Contents, abridged (5)—Glossary (7)—How to Read this Book (12)—Foreword (17)—Introduction (18)—Who I am . . . Dwight GoldWinde (29)

Poetic Writings on Courage

Courage: The Views from Many Windows—Understanding Courage
Fully (34)*
Making Fear Your Friend—The First Cornerstone of Courage (131)
Encouraging Your Courage—The Second Cornerstone of Courage (158)
Courage: The Key to a Thousand Doors—Choosing the Third
Cornerstone of Courage (168)
Time (170)—Fundamental Balances (180)—Inspiration or
Avoidance (186)—Gratitude and Everything is a Gift (191)*—
Control vs. Influence (211)*—Your Life as a Work of Art (214)*—
Now (234)—Empowerment through Context (241)—Empowerment
through Technique (264)—Listening (291)*—Confidence and Self-
Esteem (305)*—Partnership (309)—Adventure, Curiosity, and Fun
with Fear (323)*—Intimacy and Romance (336)*—The Power of
Declaration (356)—Outside the Box (360)—Debt Free with a Clean
Past and Future (369)—Distance and Boundaries (375)—The Power
of Quitting (398)*—Saying No (402)—Requests (407)*—
Assumptions, Expectations, and Superstitions (409)*—Shoddy
Words (431)*—Benefits of the Negative (459)—The Lure of Feeling
Secure (475)—Failure and Rejection (487)—Embracing Fear and
Pain (492)—The Right-Wrong Paradigm (507)*—Children (521)—
Spirituality (530)*—Essays I could have Written (533)

Toxic Words—86 words and word groups that are “toxic” (545)

My Journal—A Year in My Life

Visiting Japan (587)—Plans for Japan (621)—Questing and Questioning
the World (630)—From Sunset Days in the USA to the Sunrise Days in
Japan (634)* (My journal is continued at www.GoldWinde.com/
Cbook/More/Journal to include “The Flavor of Japan—My First Holiday
Season in Japan—Stepping from one Thousand Years into the Next—
Shanghai, China”)
Back Material
Chinese Definition of Courage (662)*—Acknowledgments and List of
Contributors (664)—Recommendations (669)—Table of Contents,
unabridged (673)—Books on the Back Burner (692)

On page 673, near the back of this book, is the unabridged version of the Table of Contents that doubles as a non-alphabetized index.


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What will this book do for you?