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- Unabridged Version -

Special Note: In the following Table of Contents, the letter
“c” is used to denote the word “courage.” An asterisk* is used to
indicate that a web site link is provided for further non-essential

Front Material

001 Courage Definition
003 Courage Around the World
004 Dedication
005 Table of Contents (Abridged)
007 Glossary
012 How to Read this Book
017 Foreword
018 Introduction
029 Who I am . . . Dwight GoldWinde

Courage: The Views from Many Windows
(Understanding Courage Fully)

034 Introduction
036 Are You Still Tolerating Your Fear?
or are you grateful for your fear? If you fully get this essay, then
you can skip the rest of the book.
038 Is Dwight Just Lucky?
what seems like luck is more often c, foolhardy, others
disapproving, moving, getting a job, divorce, broken heart,
travel, being selfish
043 Courage is Always a Choice
feeling safe now, influences not to choose c, first cause, it’s all
your choice
046 You Don’t HAVE Courage
c can’t be built up, c always at your fingertips, c as time
048 It Would Not be Courage if the Results were Guaranteed
c exists regardless of outcome, foolhardy
049 Courage or Results: Which is Primary?
we cannot control results, we can “control” choosing c, results
are in the future, c is now, primary focus on results is more
dangerous than primary focus on c
053 Is it Hard for You to Choose Courage?
three legs of c, EHAH (embrace-honor-act-honor), c as easy to
choose, types of courageous actions, examples of c, energy of
fear, friends with fear, FOE formula
057 Courage may be Dangerous
getting a job, more money, making requests, boundaries,
divorce, getting a date, real danger, real safety
061 Courage Here is Not Courage There
c as contextual, c as circumstance dependent, c as mood
dependent, c as culture dependent, c as family dependent, c
as time dependent, c as independent from size of action
064 All Virtues Come from Courage
any true virtue is based in c
067 Every Courageous Choice Counts
honoring yourself for choosing c, disparaging c, opportunities
for c, recognizing c, types of courageous actions, step by step
into c, examples of c
070 Do You Take on Your Fear One Step at a Time?
examples of c, process to dissolve fear, examples of taking on
fear step by step
074 Which Actions are Courageous?
types of courageous actions, examples of c
077 Learn about the Three Types of OFCs (Opportunities for Courage)
opportunities for c, forced OFC, optional OFC, created OFC
081 Learn “The Five Cs”
c, creativity, curiosity, context, everything as a gift
085 What are the “Three Cornerstones of Courage”?
three legs of c, c exists regardless of outcome
088 Choose the Courage to Think
incompletion, empowerment process, sentence completion
090 “Love. Love. Love. All We Need is love.” Hogwash!
c as the source of love, examples of c, resisted fear
092 Will You Choose the Courage NOT to Rescue Others?
fear of their fear, saying no, encouraging others, blaming yourself,
094 The Courage to Keep Your Mouth Shut
listening to others, controlling others, types of courageous actions
096 Lighten up Your Life with Foolishness
fun and adventure, lightening up about your life, fun with strangers
097 Are You Resisting Your Fear?
symptoms of fear, resisted fear, definition of fear, unresisted fear
100 Every Fear is an Opportunity to Choose Courage
friends with fear, hidden fear, resisted fear, three legs of c
102 Is Your Fear Really Fear?
friends with fear, fear as an enemy, fear in animals, resisted fear,
understanding fear
105 The Five Types of Fear
validated fear, paper tiger fear, red-herring fear, non-specific
fear, hidden fear, examples of fear
109 Is Your Fear a Paper Tiger?
validated fear, paper tiger fear, risks, real safety, real costs, real
danger, c as dangerous, examples of c,
113 Turn Your Fear into Your Friend
examples of resisted fear, fighting with yourself, friends with fear,
fear as an enemy, fear in animals, hidden fear, resisted fear
117 How Frightened are You of their Fear?
encouraging others, opportunities for c, empowering yourself,
resisted fear
120 How Deeply is Your Fear Buried?
resisted fear, examples of fear, everyone has fear, examples of
resisted fear
124 Choose Courage NOT to Use the Word “Coward”
coward and cowardice as toxic words, coverage
126 Do You Complain about the Complainers?
dissolving negativity, hidden fear, being a victim as most popular
position, feeling like a victim, blaming others, antidote to
128 You will ALWAYS be Afraid*
hidden fear, resisted fear, fear will always be with you, everyone
has fear, energy of fear, compassion for yourself, c as a nonmoral
choice, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

Making Fear Your Friend (The First Cornerstone of Courage)

131 Introduction
134 Making Friends with Your Fear and Pain
fear has poor PR, fear in animals, fear as enemy, symptoms of fear,
resourcefulness, first leg of c, empowerment process, present to
fear, friends with fear, energy of fear, breathing into fear, persistence
of fear created by resistance, stress reduction and release
141 EnChanting
resisted fear, examples of resisted fear, happiest people on earth,
meaning of life, overwhelm, empowerment process,
resourcefulness, nonsensical sounds, stress reduction and
release, feeling like a victim, burden, children, depression,
energy of fear, enlightenment, friends with fear, waking up
148 Create Quickly a “Deep Awakening Renewal”
resisted fear, meaning of life, overwhelm, burden, depression,
resourcefulness, screaming, stress reduction and release,
waking up, breathing into fear, enlightenment, fear as
153 Create a “Whine List” for Whining
meaning of life, listening to others, feeling listened to, non-resistance,
whining has poor PR, complaining, depression, fear has poor PR

Encouraging Your Courage
(The Second Cornerstone of Courage)

158 Introduction
159 Encourage Your Courage
honoring yourself for choosing c, adult within, child within,
compassion for yourself, c exists regardless of outcome,
disparaging c, c as the child’s choice, second leg of c, examples
of resisted fear, FOE formula, strengthening your c muscles
163 Partner Acknowledgment Process
encouragement from another, strengthening your c muscles,
listening, requesting appreciation, using e-mail, c for the future

Courage: The Key to a Thousand Doors
(Choosing the Third Cornerstone of Courage)

168 Introduction
• Time . . .
170 How do You Use and Abuse Time
timelessness, enlightenment, power of time
173 Do You have Enough Time?
smelling the roses, avoidance, controlling yourself, uncovering
the real issues
175 Enough Time is Not the Problem
avoidance, blaming yourself, saying no, trying to prove
something, approval from others, enjoying the process
177 Are You an Accomplishment Machine?
enough time, accomplishment as a following horse,
accomplishment as a lead horse, accomplishment machine,
accomplishment has good PR, life as a work of art
• Fundamental Balances . . .
180 Are You an Asserter or an Accommodator?
leg of accommodation, leg of assertion, marriage, a life of balance
183 There are Only Two Sources of ALL Problems
now vs. later, you vs. me, perseverance has good PR, altruism
has good PR, self-indulgence has bad PR, selfishness has bad
PR, a life of balance,
• Inspiration or Avoidance . . .
186 What is Your First Focus? Safety or Passion?
safety as primary, inspirations as primary
187 Are You Living a Life of Inspiration or a Life of Avoidance?
inspirations as primary, safety as primary
189 Comfort Now or Passion Later?
comfort vs. passion, feel safe
• Gratitude and Everything is a Gift . . .
191 Is Everything a Gift?
abundance, power of declaration, fatebeliefs, obvious gifts,
unobvious gifts
193 Do You Get Upset with God’s Plans?
letting go of control, dancing with God, friends with fear, friends
with pain, everything is a gift, unobvious gifts
195 Why Don’t We Feel More Gratitude?
c to be grateful, feeling abundance
197 How Often do You Give Appreciation?
meaning of communication is response that you get,
appreciation process, quality of your relationship with anyone,
accepting and appreciating others, feeling appreciated by
others, family relationships
200 Are You Feeling Blessed in Your Life Now?
quality of your relationship with anyone
201 Is Your Past Past?
resignation, context, divorce, everything as a gift, incompletion,
cherishing now
203 How can Your Past be a Present to You?
divorce, everything as a gift, unobvious gifts
205 Will Your Unspoken Appreciation of Others Die with You?*
acknowledging others, family relationships, marriage, quality
relationship with anyone
• Control vs. Influence . . .
211 What is the Difference between Power and Empowerment?*
control, letting go of control, controlling yourself, controlling
others, frustration, powerless, education
• Your Life as a Work of Art . . .
214 Create Your Life as a Work of Art
life direction, inspirations as primary, discovering your life
inspirations, accomplishment as following horse, accomplishment
as lead horse, accomplishment machine, accomplishment has
good PR, beauty, artistry, fun, drama
216 “No Pain, No Gain?” “More Pleasure, More Gain!”
Mother Nature, sex, enjoying the process, physical exercise, fun
and adventure
219 Don’t Waste Your Patience by Waiting
unobvious gifts, wasting time, creativity
221 Are You a Do-aholic?
life buffers, doer and manager, list making, life management,
saying no
224 Do You Get Overwhelmed?
enjoying the process, resisted fear, lightening up, saying no,
accomplishment as lead horse
226 Life without Buffers will Kill You
enjoying the process, stress reduction and release
229 To Smell the Roses, Get Rid of Some Goals
enjoying the process, setting goals, accomplishment, balancing
goal and process, deadlines, destinations
232 If You Didn’t Enjoy the Journey, So What?*
enjoying the process, Five Cs, meaning of life
• Now . . .
234 Are You Taking Care of NOW?
to thine own self be true, presence, no future, future enhances now
235 The Future AND the Now
enough time, sacrificing present for future, future enhances now,
enjoying the process, balance of life, habit of sacrifice, future
never arrives, rejoicing in now
236 What is SO Valuable that it’s NOT Worth Waiting for?
enjoying the process, creativity, wealth, building business, finding
romance, physically fit, good marriage, life as a work of art
238 Do You Cry over the Cookies You Don’t Have?
Beebe and Boog, projects, romance, better job, self-expression,
perfection, having everything, standards, now, gratitude for
what you have
• Empowerment through Context . . .
241 Discover Your Life Inspirations
self-expression, aliveness, freedom, life as your playground,
freedom from culture, life essences, life design, ironing clothes,
lifestyle, environments, structures, projects, practices
245 Who is the FINAL Judge?
doctors, teachers, sovereignty of mind, friends, parents,
authorities, religion, traditions, customs
247 Do You Know Who YOU are?
mistaken identity, whose voice, negativity, empowerment,
disempowerment, Mr. Green Man, hearing but not obeying
249 How to ALWAYS Make the RIGHT Choice
too many options, cannot prove right choice, power of
declaration, indecisiveness
251 Does EVERYONE Inspire You?
compassion, c as personal choice, learning to recognize c
253 Interpretations: The Power to Create Your World
Pretty Woman, evil, sin, wrong with me, unlovable, not special,
can’t make a difference, people don’t care, insensitivity, selfish
and greedy, stupid, lazy, liars, powerless, someday, bad
circumstances, disappointment, empowerment, disempowerment
258 Good News: You may be 100% “At Fault”
stress, work, interpretation, 100% responsible, empowerment
260 Viva la Selfishness!
love, health, making a difference, symbiotic selfishness
261 Dancing with God
letting go of standards and ideals, letting go of control, letting
of resistance
262 Your Life is Over
your life starts now, waking up, world as your playground,
• Empowerment through Technique . . .
264 Handle that Messy Desk Once and for All
Divide and Conquer, overwhelm, organization, life management,
step by step
267 Create Real Power NOW for Any Result You Want!
Done Deal technique, one minute per day, goals, power of
speaking, taking a stand, empowerment
272 Keep ANY Promise You Make to Yourself
Consider It Done technique, support structure, life management,
action management, specific and measurable, do-able,
influence vs. control, personally ecological, action partner,
accountability partner, consequence, daily report, non-report
consequence, ultimate consequence, emergencies and
opportunities, vacation, lying
288 Let Donald Duck Help You Stop
pattern interruption, resourcefulness, handling anger and
pouting, ending the vicious cycle
• Listening . . .
291 What do Others Think of You?
listening, What Women Want, How Others See Me (HOSM), mind
296 REALLY Listening is Distinct from Agreeing or Obeying
listening is not agreeing, listening is not obeying, the gift of
listening, empowering relationships
298 Do You Listen to Create Intimacy?
romance, quality relationships, Listening for Intimacy process,
letting go of resistance
301 Keep Your Love Shining with Just Five Minutes a Day!*
taking each other for granted, five minutes a day, romance,
quality relationships
• Confidence and Self-Esteem . . .
305 The Key to an Unshakeable Self-Esteem
reputation with yourself, pseudo self-esteem, source of true selfesteem
307 Create More Confidence*
confidence as a secondary result, wanting to bypass choosing
• Partnership . . .
309 Are You Friends with ALL of Yourself?
Mr. Ambitious, Mr. Spontaneous, accomplishment, ambition has
good PR, spontaneity has bad PR, internal war, bad, lazy,
irresponsible, rebellious, weak, immoral
Do You Avoid Confrontation?
resentment, avoidance, partnership approach, voice image,
non-blame approach
317 Dissolving Blame with Partnership
breaking the vicious cycle, feelings of hurt blame anger irritability
resentfulness defensiveness, argumentative, non-blame
approach, problem is “out there,” voice image
• Adventure, Curiosity, and Fun with Fear . . .
323 Have You Let Your Schooling Interfere with Your Education?
Mark Twain, curiosity, passion for learning, irrelevant education,
natural interest, creativity
325 Pride: The Killer of Life
virtue of foolishness, fear of mistakes, fear of disapproval, Pablo
Picasso, creativity, curiosity
327 “Stranger Danger” Hogwash!
culturalized paranoia, unlimited friends, willingness to appear
329 For Fun and Adventure, Try “Blind for a Day”
San Francisco, heightened sensitivity, less judgmental, adventure
332 Have Fun by Turning the Tables on Fear*
playing with fear, exercising c muscles, fear as an ally, Asian
restaurant, world as your playground
• Intimacy and Romance . . .
336 RAFTS: The Key to Profound Intimacy
taking off the mask, deep friends, fantastic romance, benefits
of the mask, costs of the mask, c of the listener, nonjudgmentalness,
why I moved to China
342 Are You a TRUE Friend?
what a true friend is not, being friends with every part of a
friend, good boundaries with friends
344 Are You Protecting Yourself from Love?
romance of a lifetime for six months, willing to let your heart
break, trying to guarantee the future
345 How to Destroy the Foundations of Love
if your relationship ended tomorrow, not borrowing from the
future, staying thankful for the present and the past, the error of
working on things, entanglement
347 Are You Bankrupting Your Love?
betrayal, sacrifices, unfairness, hope, borrowing from the future,
if my relationship ends tomorrow, gratitude for the present and
past, mutual self-interest
350 You have NO rights
thinking you have rights will kill off your relationship, minimum
conditions of satisfaction, clear boundaries, letting go of rights
353 How do You Know When to Leave Your Marriage?*
throwing good money after bad, would you marry the same
person again, children and divorce, costs and benefits, most
costs of divorce come from resisting divorce
• The Power of Declaration . . .
356 Are You BEING Who You Want to BE?
doing flows from being, being a $100,000-per-year man,
being irresistible, being is not restricted by current facts
358 How You can have ENOUGH
enough money, enough time, enough leisure, enough love,
power of declaration
• Outside the Box . . .
360 Are You Like a Flea in a Jar?
boundaries of your box, testing your limits, thinking you know
what you don’t
362 Has Your Culture Jailed You?
we could be like them, dangers of righteous certainty,
questioning the unquestioned, risking disapproval, costs and
365 Can You Feel the Locks and Chains of Your Culture?
Cross-Cultural Freedom Effect, stepping outside of culture, feeling
free and safe, invisible rules of culture
• Debt Free with a Clean Past and Future . . .
369 Borrowing from the Future is the Root of all Evil
borrowing satisfaction, borrowing time, borrowing money,
bankrupting the future, waiting for the future
372 Do You Write Blank Checks?
resignation and regret, overwhelm, breakdown, imbalances,
somehow I will do it, whatever, keeping the future clean
• Distance and Boundaries . . .
375 Poor Boundaries will Kill off Your Love
love and beauty, loving your past, empowering endings and
goodbyes, resentment and resignation, good will, respect,
attachment, avoiding disapproval, guaranteeing they will
never leave, having great boundaries
378 Enrich Your Relationships with Distance
absence makes the heart grow fonder, too much togetherness,
quality time, killing romance by living together, keeping hungry
for each other, c to maintain boundaries
381 Say “No” if You REALLY Love Me
distance creates beauty, boundaries with my father, c to create
the conditions for love, importance of apart-ness
383 Is Your Silence Killing Your Friendship?
toxicity of silence, asking friends for what you want, avoiding
resignation resentment withdrawal, righteousness
385 Are You Entangled in Your Relationship?
having great boundaries, toxic formulas of love, trying to prove
love, mutually selfish relationships, resistance to disapproval or
abandonment, minimum conditions of satisfaction, c not to be
“good guy,” saying no with compassion
388 If You’re a Good Guy, it’s Probably Bad
how “good” people empower bad behavior, domination,
control. temper tantrums, boundaries, righteousness, parents
and children, inappropriate toleration, c as culturally
392 Are You Willing to Walk Away?
minimum conditions of satisfaction, disempowering yourself,
boundaries, willing to be alone, willing to say goodbye, willing
to give up, willing to leave your country, willing to die, magnificent
395 Beware of Forgiveness
remove yourself from harm’s way, letting go of blame and
resentment, letting go of expectation and hope, beware of “trust”
• The Power of Quitting . . .
398 Quitting: The Unacknowledged Virtue
c to quit, war, marriage
400 The Final Ending: The Supreme Opportunity for Courage*
euthanasia, c to quit life, suffering caused by the resistance to
• Saying No . . .
402 Choose the Courage to Say “No”
resentment, stress, overwhelm, depression, ineffectiveness, guilt,
you can’t have it all, fun, renewal, accomplishment, one “yes”
requires a thousand “nos”
404 Why Lock Yourself in Unnecessarily?
living in Shanghai indefinitely, c not to lock yourself in
406 You CANNOT have it All
one “yes” requires a thousand “nos,” unlimited options of life, c
to say “no”
• Requests . . .
407 Will You Ask for What You Want?*
requesting job, requesting money, requesting time, requesting
romance, requesting attention, requesting listening, requesting
a behavior to stop, requesting divorce, requesting another to
share their feelings, requesting sex, what do you not have
because you did not request, power of requests
• Assumptions, Expectations, and Superstitions . . .
409 Are You a Giver or a Trader?
disguising trades as gifts, trades as conditional, gift as a type of
414 Beware of the Unknown Assumption!
disempowering assumptions, empowering assumptions, Five Cs,
power of doubt
418 How Much do You Know that Isn’t So?
“knowing” without evidence, paper tiger fears, superstitions,
developing inner strength by questioning what we “know”
421 Expectation: The Source of ALL Upset
something wrong with me, something wrong with you, something
wrong with universe, upset waiting to happen, addiction to
expectations, expectations cf. intentions, over-controlling,
embracing risk of life, c to let go of expectations
423 At What Cost is Your “Safety”?
the map in your mind is not the territory, careless projections,
how your “knowledge” limits the possibilities in your life
425 “Because” is a Toxic Word
“because” will keep you in a cage, beware of “because”
427 Two Lies Keep Your Jail Door Locked
the lie that you’re powerless, the lie that “living for others” justifies
your resignation
429 How Many Package Deals are You Blindly Accepting?*
c to break up package deals, using creativity
• Shoddy Words . . .
431 What do You BELIEVE about Belief?
factbeliefs as assertions, fatebeliefs as declarations, fatebeliefs
masquerading as factbeliefs, factbeliefs as the content of your
life, fatebeliefs as the context of your life, distinguishing factbeliefs
and fatebeliefs, factbeliefs as provable, fatebeliefs as unprovable,
science and religion, devil
437 Are You Guilt Waiting to Happen?
setting yourself up for guilt, “should” as a toxic word
440 Selfish is a Toxic Word
Ambrose Bierce, best of all worlds is when your selfishness and
my selfishness dovetail, horror of altruism, c to be selfish
443 Trust is a Toxic Word
trust as resistance to fear, trust as putting your head in the
sand, trust as the seeds for betrayal, trust as an empowering
445 Hope is a Toxic Word
Hope as resistance to fear, seeds of betrayal, seeds of blindness,
“hope” as a euphemism of “expectation”
448 Beware of the Assumptions of Love
toxic assumptions of love, toxic meanings of love, proving love,
poisonous package deals of love, false safety of love
452 Lazy is Never Lazy
lazy as toxic word, expression of hidden passion, lack of congruity,
misplaced priorities, a boring process, being on the wrong road,
lazy as an attempt to control
455 What is the Meaning of Life?
meaning of life as a nonsense question, looking for the meaning
of life as a resistance to pain and fear, embracing now and
enjoying the process
457 Breaking a Promise may Serve your Integrity*
confusing the tools of integrity with the essence of integrity,
dangers in keeping your word, c to break your word
• Benefits of the Negative . . .
459 What are the Two Types of Pain?
necessary pain and fear, unnecessary pain and fear, examples
of unnecessary pain and fear
460 Nineteen Benefits of Feeling Guilty
it’s amazing we don’t feel more guilty given all the benefits,
dissolving your guilt
466 Let Us Give Thanks for Our Guilt, etc.
counter-intuitively, by discovering the benefits of an unwanted
feeling or behavior and expressing gratitude for those benefits,
the feeling or behavior often disappears
469 Are You Afraid of Happiness or Success?
safety in not being happy, safety in not being successful, hidden
471 Resignation: Resisted Fear at its Worst
discover the benefits of resignation
474 Can You Find the Positive in the Negative?
dangers of PMA, power of embracing negativity
• The Lure of Feeling Secure . . .
475 Do You Really Want to be Safe from THAT?
most of what we call safety is very unsafe, the real safety
477 Are You Wearing Golden Handcuffs?
golden handcuffs in your job, golden handcuffs in your marriage
or family relationships
480 Are You Confused?
confusion is resisted fear
482 Good and Bad are BOTH Bad
“right vs. wrong” is resistance to fear, “fair vs. unfair” is resistance to fear,
“virtue vs. sin” is resistance to fear, “good vs. bad” ignores context
• Failure and Rejection . . .
487 Is Failure a Bugaboo for You?
failure is integral to life, making friends with failure, letting go of control
489 Rejection Projection: What is Really Real?
the real meaning of rejection, safety of the anti-rejection box,
thinking rejection means something about you, rejection as a
paper-tiger fear
• Embracing Fear and Pain . . .
492 A Fully Broken Heart is an Open Heart
willingness to have a broken heart, willingness to break another’s
heart, the c to love, c to cry and be vulnerable, c to love
without guarantees
496 Empowerment through Vulnerability
letting go of resistance to pain and fear because you are bigger
than they are
497 Discover the Gold under those Rocks
discovering the gold in the “negative,” fears hiding under more
transparent rocks, fears hiding under more opaque rocks,
503 Find Strength in Your “Weakness”
the weakness of “strength,” choose c to be weak
505 Worry: An Attempt to do Away with Fear
embracing the fear of worry, confidence through fear, fear as
your ally
• The Right-Wrong Paradigm . . .
507 What is Your Addiction to the “Good” Costing You?
the lure of righteousness, “safety” in righteousness, addiction to “security”
511 Are You Sure You are RIGHT?
blindness of being right, toxicity of knowing the right way,
“safety” of being right, let go of your righteousness
513 Beware of “Love”
the damage done in the name of love, the “safety” of love
516 Are You Positive about the Negative?
become skilled at finding the benefits in the “negative,” getting
curious about the “negative,” getting curious about the “enemy”
519 If You’re Good, it may be Bad*
consider all the damage done in the name of the good
• Children . . .
521 Honor Thy Children
showing respect is more important than showing love, actions
which show respect, actions which show disrespect, keeping
good boundaries with your child, consequences and
agreements, imposed conditions, know what you can control
and what you can only influence, showing disrespect by overcontrolling
• Spirituality . . .
530 This is Not the ONLY Universe
plus-minus universe, pure-plus universe
532 Do You Know How to Live in the Two Worlds?*
world of changing, world of no-change
• Essays I Could have Written—Check these out! (Page 533)

Toxic Words

545 Introduction
552 Afford—All/Always/Never/Every/Everyone—Appropriate/
Proper—Arrogant—At Fault/To Blame—Because/Make/
558 Caring/Considerate/Concerned—Comfortable/Uncomfortable—
Committed/Not Committed—Confident—Confused—Coward/
Tough—Doing One’s Best/Give 100 Percent—Duty/Obligation—
561 Ego/Egoist/Self-Centered—Excuse—Failure/Success—Fair/Unfair/
Just/Unjust—Faith—Fear (instead of resisted fear)—Force/Make/
Made/Must/Have To/No Choice—Forgiving/Not Forgiving—
564 Giver/Taker—Goal/Deadline—God/Allah/Satan/Devil—God’s
Will/Fate/Destiny—Good Enough/Not Good Enough—Greed—
Have A Right To/Don’t Have A Right To—Have To/Must/Must
Not—Have Courage (instead of choose courage)—Honest/
570 Independent/Dependent—Integrity/Keeping Your Word—
572 Lazy/Hard Working—Listen To (meaning “obey”)—Love /
Unconditional Love/True Love—Loyal/Disloyal—
573 Manipulate/Manipulation—Maybe/Perhaps—Money—Natural/
Unnatural—Necessary/Not Necessary/Need—Not Enough Time—
575 Optimism/Pessimism—Overcome—Overwhelmed—Patient/
579 Racism/Prejudice—Ready/Not Ready/Don’t Feel Ready—
Irresponsible—Right Choice/Wrong Choice—
580 Selfish/Unselfish—Sensitive/Insensitive—Sexist—Should/Shouldn’t/
Ought/Supposed To—Sin—Someday/Sometime/Somehow—
585 Waste/Wasteful—Why/Why not

My Journal

587 A Year in my Life
588 Visiting Japan April 28th, 1999
621 Plans for Japan May 21st, 1999
630 Questing and Questioning the World July 25th, 1999
634 From Sunset Days in the USA
to the Sunrise Days in Japan August 11th, 1999
My journal is continued at
www.GoldWinde.com/Cbook/More/Journal to include
—The Flavor of Japan November 23rd, 1999
—My First Holiday Season in Japan December 16th, 1999
—Stepping from one Thousand Years December 27th, 1999
—Shanghai, China July 16th, 2000


661 Introduction
662 Chinese Definition of Courage*
664 Acknowledgments and List of Contributors
669 Recommendations
673 Table of Contents, unabridged
692 Books on the Back Burner


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