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Introduction to the Appendices

Courage around the world

Although my intention is that this book eventually be translated into many different languages, for now I have satisfied myself by including the translation of my courage definition into a few of the world’s major languages. If you can read one or more of these languages (Chinese, Russian, Spanish, French, or German), I hope you will enjoy the translation!

Acknowledgments and List of Contributors

Without my literary and artistic collaborators, this book would be a shadow of its final form. In addition, working with each of them has continually inspired me, making the process all that more enjoyable.


Movies, books, workshops, and travel – I’ve got some stimulating suggestions for you in all these areas.

Table of Contents - Unabridged Version

This unabridged version of the table of contents doubles as a non-alphabetized index. As such, I have placed it at the end of this book.

Books on the Back Burner

The provisional title of my next book is Romance AND Family: How to Have It All. Other books that I am excited about, but I may or may not get to, are listed on the last page of this book.



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What will this book do for you?