To order Courage: the Choice that Makes the Difference - Your Key to a Thousand Doors, go directly to the link:

If you prefer, you can order by calling toll free 1-888-795-4274 x276, either from the U.S. or from Canada. Or you can call 1-215-923-4686 (not toll free). You can order my book my title, by author (Dwight GoldWinde) or by book number: 22788.

Orders may also be handled by:

Email: or Fax: 1-215-599-0114 or Mail: Xlibris Corp. International Plaza II,Suite 340 Philadelphia,PA 19113-1513 USA: Book Orders

If you are placing an order from outside the U.S., you may not order through the web site, but must use one of the other methods available.

If you live in Shanghai, China, the best way to buy this book is to email and ask for pricing and pickup details in Shanghai.

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