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    Have we designed our hour-by-hour, day-by-day living to nurture, stimulate, enrich and inspire us? If our life is in the journey, then to have a quality life, requires that we design the everyday process of that journey. Most of us have left the process of life to "Design by Default."

    Just as a bad king can be a good king if he's bad enough, sometimes a bad crisis can be a good crisis if it's bad enough.

    People who are recognized as the best leaders often cause the most damage because their followers follow them without much thinking and/or without providing to their leaders much feedback.

    In order to REALLY have what you REALLY want in the world, you must first give up hoping for it, or expecting it, or demanding it (but not your commitment to it or desire for it) AND you cannot give these up in order to get what you REALLY want. Ha!

    If you're not doing what you already know to do, you will agonize over whether it was the best thing to do anyway. If you're doing what you already know to do, you have the possibility of discovering something even better to do.

    We've been warned about not trying to fool Mother Nature. But I say that most progress has come from doing a good job of fooling Mother Nature so that she continues to give us the benefits of what we want without a lot of the associated drawbacks

    In some paradoxical sense, our freedom to choose includes getting that we have no choice.

    We are always speaking simplistically when we characterize something as either right or wrong, good or bad. Every action, every institution, every tradition, every habit has both benefits and costs. Present to me the very best (e.g. a Mother Teresa) and I will uncover the associated costs. Present to me the very worst (e.g. a Hitler) and I will show you some benefits. Yet much of our suffering comes from our insisting on a simplistic world of right/wrong, good/bad, denying and hiding from ourselves all the benefits and costs for ourselves and others associated with everything that we do.

    Have you completely enrolled yourself into the full possibility of your own life?

    The more fear you consistently step into by exercising courage, the safer you will begin to feel in life.
    The purpose of desire is to do away with itself. Yet, when our desire is gone, we are discontent. Be careful that you keep yourself hungry.

    If you close out separation and divorce as one of the options of your marriage, you have severely limited your power in creating your marriage as a true work of art and a celebration.

    Consider that life is not really about obeying the rules. Consider that life is not really about being a "good" person. Perhaps
life is the possibility of dancing with the universe and allowing God and the universe to contribute to us moment by moment, day by day, as we engage fully in the dance of life and creation, letting go of resistance and control where, at best, we only have influence. Come Dance with God. He/She is Waiting!

    If you want to completely "defeat" your "enemy", you must first fully understand and appreciate the benefits provided to you or others by that "enemy."

    The most seminal teachings are those in which the teacher is speaking as much to himself as he is to his student, no matter how accomplished the teacher may be.

    The choice of courage will, in the final essence, give you everything you want in your life. 

    Sometimes the best way to get on in life is with the attitude, "I don't know what caused it or how to prevent it, but I know how to fix it."

    Have you ever noticed that we start inquiring into the meaning of life when we're not loving the moment? When we're savoring this moment, we could care less about "life's meaning."

    The final epiphany is when we see how experiencing life as imperfect is perfect.

    Life is a game which is both about going for something and about going for nothing.

    Power often comes in knowing what you don't need to know.

    A problem can always be defined with tight enough restrictions to preclude any possible solution.

    The way that most of us try to make our life safe is the most foolhardy risk that we consistently take.

    We can, perhaps, put certain areas of our life within a box or framework. If we try, however, to put life itself inside a box, we will limit its grandeur and possibilities. Choose carefully your beliefs that they don't box you in too tightly.

    Savor and rejoice in whatever is given to you in this moment (yes, that's this moment right now!) for, in this moment being chosen and/or given to you, your have paid the highest price in foregoing all other possibilities in this moment!

    If you make lying bad and telling the truth good, instead of being willing to explore both the benefits and costs of lying and truth telling, then you will find yourself the victim of both the lies and truths of others, as well as your own.

    The status of "victim" (if one really understands its essence) is the most sought after and coveted position on earth.


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