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Who is Dwight GoldWinde? 

    Dwight spent his childhood years living in South and North Carolina. After high school, he attended college, traveled in Europe for six months and spent six months in the Marine Corps Reserve. He then borrowed $200 from his parents in 1966 and moved to New York City, without knowing anyone there. 

    Dwight discovered his love of computers in NYC where he worked for IBM and then, at the age of 24, started his own computer software consulting business. During that time, he became a workshop “junkie” and actively studied psychology, motivation, nutrition, sales and marketing, cultural anthropology, spirituality, and philosophy. 

    Fourteen years later, while attending a Neuro-Linguistic Programming seminar (a psychological discipline) in Scottsdale, Arizona, Dwight fell in love with the “Valley of the Sun.” He packed up his bags and moved to Tempe, Arizona where he re-established his software consulting business.

    In Arizona, Dwight was generally satisfied with this life…and was frustrated with one area. He found that he wasn’t good at keeping promises and commitments to himself.

    Thus, with his background in psychology and motivation, Dwight created an approach that was almost foolproof…and later called it Consider It Done®. Consider It Done® essentially guaranteed to people that they would keep any agreement they make with themselves.

    Dwight quickly found himself achieving things with consistency that he had never imagined. As his friends and business associates learned about the results Dwight was getting personally, they began to ask for his services. He later began to also offer personal and business coaching and his new business took off.

    Dwight has successfully coached thousands of people around the world over the past 17 years and loves what he does. He has worked with corporate executives, small business owners, artists, musicians, doctors, lawyers and others from every walk of life. He has worked with people from all ages…from 7 to 82 years old!

    During his 18 years in Arizona Dwight was both married and divorced. Then in November, 1999, Dwight made the biggest move of his life. He moved overseas to Asia, which he had discovered four years earlier. He first landed in Tokyo and, after a year there, he has now settled in Shanghai, China.

    Dwight chose Shanghai because he loves the culture, people, and country and he plans to live there somewhere between “indefinitely” and “forever.” In his spare time, Dwight enjoys hanging out with friends, writing, and exploring Shanghai.


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