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Here's how to request
a gift coaching/consulting session
with Dwight

To those who've never experienced life coaching before, it's an experience most difficult to describe. It's somewhat like trying to describe ice cream to someone who's never eaten ice cream before. The simplest and most effective way to "describe" ice cream, is to suggest that someone have a sample! And, even for those of you who have previously experienced coaching, it usually impossible to know the power of working with a different life coach without first enjoying a "sample" from him or her.

This is one reason I offer a free, complimentary one-hour gift coaching session so that you can "taste" a powerful sample of what coaching would be like with me. From seventeen years of experience, I have found that coaching over the telephone is more effective than face-to-face coaching. This is one of the reasons that all of my coaching is provided over the telephone. In preparation for your gift session, I will ask you to choose an issue, problem, or goal (it can be either personal or business) that's big enough, that's important enough, so that, should we have a major impact on it during your one-hour gift session, then that would be worth a minimum $1000 in your own mind.

Your gift coaching session is scheduled at a time convenient to you, from 3:00 PM or later (on the west coast of America) or 6:00 PM or later (on the east coast of America) Sundays through Thursday. If you will be calling from another place in the world, I will let you know by email (upon request) what the available calling times would be.

Once we have your coaching session scheduled, I will mail you (by regular post office mail) some materials (from my Arizona office) to help you prepare to get the maximum value from your gift. Generally, we need to allow at least ten days for you to receive these materials prior to our scheduled session.

At the time that you telephone me, you will need to have identified at least one issue, problem, or goal for us to address during your session with me. The coaching session itself is fully a gift and I will ask you to pay for the telephone call (in the materials I send to you, you will be instructed in how to call me here in Shanghai  for less than $3 for the one hour).

At the end of your session, I will ask you for a few minutes to explore the possibilities and opportunities of working further with me. Regardless of your decision, the session is fully a gift and there is NO cost and NO obligation!

Expect this gift to make a big difference in your life!

If you are interested in more information about the gift coaching session or you would like to go ahead and schedule your gift, just email me back right now at

My best to you,

Dwight GoldWinde

"Courage may be dangerous, but it's the safest choice we've got." -DG

To request a gift coaching session or for more information, email me.


What is Life Coaching?
Here's how to prepare for your gift session with Dwight

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